Tuesday, October 7, 2008

UpDate on Cricut Housing

I did not hear back from Provo as they said they would call me tonight. They had to get some chip board to test the blade. If they had the same problem they would compensate me for my cost. I will call them tomorrow & see what they have come up with.


Lorabele said...

I can't even get my housing into my machine! It's too wide and won't fit. I feel like we all got ripped off.

BTW - thanks so much for making music an OPTION on your blog - I appreciate the silence! :-)

Cricutcrazywoman said...

I am orry. I know how we all have been waiting for this. I to feel like we got ripped off. I spend $50.00 between the housing & blades. I ordered extra blades because word was they where going to sell out. Provo said I was the only one to call with a complaint. Maybe you should call to. I will post tomorrow my update.
Yes I feel some might not like the music I was glad they made it an option.