Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cricut Imagine

The launch of the new Cricut Imagine is very exciting. A new to toy to add to my already 3 Cricut Die Cutting Machines. I thought the Cricut Cake was amazing but as always Provo always makes it better. I was on HSN & one of the first to get my Cricut Imagine. It has already shipped so I need to get to work & make some room in my new Craft Workshop. Not to get side tracked on the subject but thanks to my hubby he has completed my Craft Workshop. I really call it my Craft doll house. It is what every woman dreams of. I now have made some room and ready for the new toy to arrive. My expected ship date is Sept. 23 rd but I hope it comes earlier as my Cricut Cake came early.
I am excited that I have the printable vinyl yes vinyl that you can print on. I am selling 12" x 12" sheets. I am putting together sets of 6 sheets. Check it out in my store...