Sunday, November 23, 2008

Handmade Embroidered Fall Table Runner from my sister Jeanne

I have to share the handmade Embroidered Fall Table Runner that my sister Jeanne made for my husband & I. You can see more of Jeanne's handmade items on Etsy & visit her blog

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New snowflake etched vinyl Christmas Ornament

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Kitty "Shadow"was caught in the Cookie Jar/Candy

This was so funny when I saw Shadow trying to get a mint from the candy bowl. He loves anything that is minty or hot. If I put bengay on he goes nuts and wants to lick it off.(LOL) Boy he is a silly little guy. I had to post this video. I am thinking of sending it in to the Americas Funniest Video's in fact I am going to check now I heard you can download & submit your video to there web site. The candy bowl is one of the handmade gifts that my husband & I received from my dear sister Jeanne. Jeanne makes the most beautiful gifts you can check her out on Etsy & visit her blog

Your Story Provo Rebate if purchased at Wal-Mart or A.C.Moore

This rebate is great it's like you get the machine free after all the goodies. They give you a free download with templates,2 free books & $100.00 which they will put in your Cricut account. This is the time to get this if you are interested. It must be purchased by Dec.31,2008 and is only available to the first 15,000 participants. There is a $5.95 processing fee. Here is the link to the rebate. Thank you to Dani for the information!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Disney Cars McQueen & Sally Birthday Card Skittles For Eyes

Okay I finally finished my Nephew's 6th birthday card. The cuts are from the new Disney Cars Cricut Cartridge that was released in Oct./Nov. My nephew loves McQueen & Sally he says they love each other. So cute!! If you can see the eyes on them both I used Blue mini Skittles. Thank you for visting my blog!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bit To Drill Hole For Glass Block/Blok Lites

Hello... I have had a few questions on the bit I purchase for the Glass Block/Blok Lites to drill your own hole in the bottom. I am using the light that you use for ceramic Holiday Houses it is one bulb it's great because it fits in nice & you can use different colored bulbs. The 1-3/8" works great the smaller ones are to small. I am posting a picture of the package. Take note where it says glass on the left side & at the bottom is the item no.#12116 this was purchased at Loews. Price is approx. $41.00.

The one I bought is over in the tools section. If you go by the drills and the bits ask a ****ociate where the "Lenox Diamond Hole Saw 1-3/8" bits are.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

White Laced Vinyl Purse

Vinyl Purse

White Laced Vinyl was used and Cricut Cartridge Tags,Bags,Boxes & More.

The white laced vinyl does not have a adhesive back. I used a favorite glue called "Perfect Paper Adhesive" The scores where folded and glued.

These make great goodies bags!

Using Vinyl On Your Car Windows

Wanted a good way to advertise!

The Moose & Tracks where cut with the Camp Out Cricut cartridge. Mike's web address was cut with ZooBallo Font. The Vinyl is a white glossy permanate addhesive.

Saturday, November 1, 2008