Monday, March 30, 2009

Emulsion alternatives & water based ink for the YUDU Machine

Here are some YUDU Screen Printing alternative inks & emulsion alternatives that you may want to use to keep your cost down on creating a screen print. I just received my orders & I will be trying them out this weekend. I will hare with you on what I have been reaing about alternatives from a great forum that I have joined. I have learned a lot there and have decided to give the ink & emulsion alternative a shot. Here is a link to the ink I have decided to use. If you goggle "Permaset Ink" for screen printing you can read about the inks.

I purchased the Permaset Inks on Sunday and received them today 5 days later. They say these are a very good quality screen printing water based ink. I did buy the ink that was made for the YUDU but they are very small bottles and really very expensive. Here is the site I ordered from Permaset 10 oz for $8.37 for screen printing water based & FREE SHIPPING on $100.00.

Here is the name & link where I purchased the alternative for the emulsion sheets
Ulano CDF-5VT Capillary Film It's 26" wide by 300" long Roll and costs $153.11 I purchased the bigger roll it seemed for me the best. They do have smaller 26" x 150" Thi is the link to exactly what I purchased. It takes longer to dry then the emolsion sheets from YUDU but hey if I will save this is okay for me.

UPDATE INFORMATION AS OF 4/2/09: Here is a site that was shared with me for the Emulsion that is less expensive than the site above where I purchased and BIG savings.... IT looks like they only carry the 26" x 300". PLEASE make sure you buy the CDF5vt .

Monday, March 23, 2009

YUDU T-Shirt #3

This is funny & I am glad I can laugh at it. As I was Screen Printing using the YUDU Machine by Provo I was so excited that I finally got it. This T-Shirt I made for myself. When I was done I said what is wrong with this picture. See I am on the roll!! Lesson I learned pay attention to which way you put the screen on the YUDU for the finally step printing! I will be posting alternitive products I am using for the YUDU Screen Printing Machine. These are more affordable products.

My Provo YUDU project # 2

Okay I am on the roll now. This is my second Screen Print made from the Provo YUDU Machine. I really like how this turned out. This T-Shirt I have made for my sister Jeanne.

My First T-Shirt made with Provo YUDU Machine

After many,many attempts to create my first YUDU Screen Printing project I succeded yesterday with this T-Shirt. I am happy eiht the out come except I ran to much ink into my screen before printing it. ANOTHER leason learned while learning to use the YUDU. Over all I love this machine. This art work is from the "Organic" art that
Provo sell for the YUDU.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I am getting ready for the beach season here by the shore & I wanted to make a welcome sign using vinyl so here it is. I used Matte vinyl for the sign. Visit my vinyl site at use promotion code: gift4u at check out to receive 10% off glossy & matte vinyl sorry not good on specialty vinyl.

Did you "YUDU" today we did see what we made

My DH & I tried the YUDU Screen Printing today & we are very pleased with the out come. DH wanted to design a T-shirt with his web site & I have to say I like it. When he finished we left the art work on the screen so he can make more T-Shirts without having to go throught the process of burning his art again. We purchase about 4 screens to be able to do this & to be able to use more than one color at a time. I'll be trying that next. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

YUDU Update

Okay my DH & I played with the YUDU last week. Needless to stay DH did not read the directions carefully (okay I'll take some responsibility) & we ruined 2 emulsion sheets which was the 2 that came with the YUDU oh & I didn't pay attention to what side to print the art image on the transparency so needless to say I ruined it & it only came with 1 sheet. It's okay it's a new craft to use & just think I learned the mistakes to share with you. Pay close attention to the instructions & I would watch a video as your going along it makes it much easier to follow step by step. We searched around & have choose one that I feel was the easiest to follow
This does take time but it is really a lot of fun & the projects are gradifying. I am posting our finish project in my next post.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What did YUDU today? We bought a YUDU!!

OKAY So what did YUDU today?? Well I know what we did. My dh & I bought the "YUDU". We went to AC MOORE on a shopping trip & there it was the "YUDU". I said put it in the cart my dh said okay. When he said OKAY I knew it was a good & I better run with it. LOL
We used a coupon to purchase and it made it all the better because as I had posted in previous post it is a little high priced right now. We bought all the supplies and inks available there. We are home now & going to try to "YUDU" tomorrow. My dh wants to do his logo & web site on a t-shirt. Stay tuned to find out how it goes.