Monday, March 16, 2009

YUDU Update

Okay my DH & I played with the YUDU last week. Needless to stay DH did not read the directions carefully (okay I'll take some responsibility) & we ruined 2 emulsion sheets which was the 2 that came with the YUDU oh & I didn't pay attention to what side to print the art image on the transparency so needless to say I ruined it & it only came with 1 sheet. It's okay it's a new craft to use & just think I learned the mistakes to share with you. Pay close attention to the instructions & I would watch a video as your going along it makes it much easier to follow step by step. We searched around & have choose one that I feel was the easiest to follow
This does take time but it is really a lot of fun & the projects are gradifying. I am posting our finish project in my next post.

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