Monday, March 30, 2009

Emulsion alternatives & water based ink for the YUDU Machine

Here are some YUDU Screen Printing alternative inks & emulsion alternatives that you may want to use to keep your cost down on creating a screen print. I just received my orders & I will be trying them out this weekend. I will hare with you on what I have been reaing about alternatives from a great forum that I have joined. I have learned a lot there and have decided to give the ink & emulsion alternative a shot. Here is a link to the ink I have decided to use. If you goggle "Permaset Ink" for screen printing you can read about the inks.

I purchased the Permaset Inks on Sunday and received them today 5 days later. They say these are a very good quality screen printing water based ink. I did buy the ink that was made for the YUDU but they are very small bottles and really very expensive. Here is the site I ordered from Permaset 10 oz for $8.37 for screen printing water based & FREE SHIPPING on $100.00.

Here is the name & link where I purchased the alternative for the emulsion sheets
Ulano CDF-5VT Capillary Film It's 26" wide by 300" long Roll and costs $153.11 I purchased the bigger roll it seemed for me the best. They do have smaller 26" x 150" Thi is the link to exactly what I purchased. It takes longer to dry then the emolsion sheets from YUDU but hey if I will save this is okay for me.

UPDATE INFORMATION AS OF 4/2/09: Here is a site that was shared with me for the Emulsion that is less expensive than the site above where I purchased and BIG savings.... IT looks like they only carry the 26" x 300". PLEASE make sure you buy the CDF5vt .


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how the alt. inks work out, I bought my machine to mainly make shirts for my sons boy scout troop, and me being able to make my own stuff is just a bonus :) Anyway finding cheaper ink would be great since I will be mass producing shirts and those tiny bottles of ink aren't going to last long for sure.

Ok can't wait to hear how it goes :)


Cricutcrazywoman said...

I will let you know. Not only are they less expensive these are one of the good quality inks. I like good quality for a good price. There are cheeper ones but I have choose this because of the great reviews it has. I have heard of YUDU'ERS using this brand and it works great. So we'll give it a try and let you know.
Thank you for sharing.