Monday, March 23, 2009

YUDU T-Shirt #3

This is funny & I am glad I can laugh at it. As I was Screen Printing using the YUDU Machine by Provo I was so excited that I finally got it. This T-Shirt I made for myself. When I was done I said what is wrong with this picture. See I am on the roll!! Lesson I learned pay attention to which way you put the screen on the YUDU for the finally step printing! I will be posting alternitive products I am using for the YUDU Screen Printing Machine. These are more affordable products.


Erin Bassett said...

LOL, a friend of mine did the same you're not alone. Hope your future projects work out well...I'm really loving my Yudu. :D

Cricutcrazywoman said...

Yes it was pretty funny. I have seen your YUDU projects have to say you have inspired me. Thank you for sharing on your blog and the forum. You guys are wonderful.
I and my DH are in love with it. I bought him his own YUDU because he has taken over my Cricuts & he wasn't going to take my YUDU!
Have fun!

Lynnderful said...

I'm enjoying your projects and can't wait for your post on more affordable products. I was given the Yudu as a gift from my mother and am beginning to experiment(play) with it. :-)

Cricutcrazywoman said...

I just received all my money saving supplies & have not had a chance to use them myself but I know of some other Yudu'ers who have and they work just the same as the over priced ones from Provo. I will try to put a update after I use them this weekend. Thank you