Friday, November 7, 2008

Bit To Drill Hole For Glass Block/Blok Lites

Hello... I have had a few questions on the bit I purchase for the Glass Block/Blok Lites to drill your own hole in the bottom. I am using the light that you use for ceramic Holiday Houses it is one bulb it's great because it fits in nice & you can use different colored bulbs. The 1-3/8" works great the smaller ones are to small. I am posting a picture of the package. Take note where it says glass on the left side & at the bottom is the item no.#12116 this was purchased at Loews. Price is approx. $41.00.

The one I bought is over in the tools section. If you go by the drills and the bits ask a ****ociate where the "Lenox Diamond Hole Saw 1-3/8" bits are.

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